Learning the basics

So, you want to learn to crochet? Looking online, or in any craft store, can be incredibly overwhelming because there is so much jargon that is not explained very well. Never fear! We have compiled a comprehensive guide to learning different yarn crafts. If you’re interested in crochet, or knitting, you’re in the right place (check out this post for reasons why yarn crafting is awesome)!


  • hook or needles*
  • yarn *
  • scissors

These are the two most basic things that you will need. Everything else is additional or just handy. 

Optional Materials: these can be helpful to have on hand, but if you are just starting out, they are not necessary.

  • stitch marker
  • tape measure
  • buttons and beads to accessorize
  • needle point protectors and stoppers

Hooks and Needles

Hooks and needles come in different sizes based on the different needs of the project at hand. If you’re making a huge, cozy blanket, you will want a large hook. If you’re making a lacy doily, you will want a small hook. Each hook is assigned a letter and a size. Smaller-sized hooks correspond with letters closer to the beginning of the alphabet, and larger-sized hooks correspond with letter closer to the end of the alphabet.



Much like hook and needles, yarn comes in a variety of sizes and weights. The textures and qualities will also vary between different types of yarn, and they work best for different types of projects. Yarn comes in thin, thick, scratchy, soft, silky, and all other types of varieties, and some are made synthetically while others come from natural wool.


It is best to look at the yarn label for each skein to see which size of hook corresponds with the size of yarn. This helps in getting the ideal size for the project and tension as you work on it.

We hope this helps you start on the very basics! Let us know if you have any questions!


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