Learning to Crochet: Chain

Starting any project begins with a chain. A chain is just a long line of beginning stitches, and it generally determines the length of one side of your piece.

  1. To begin, you create a slip stitch around your hook. If you don’t know how to slip stitch, it’s very easy! Create loop with your yarn as shown. In the picture below, the tail going to the left is the end, while the tail to the right goes to the yarn ball. Take the tail attached to the yarn ball and bring it back and through the first loop you made. Tighten it by pulling the tails, and the remaining loop is where you stick your hook. Pull on the end attached to the yarn ball to tighten.
    chainychain chainnn chained
  2. Next, you take the end attached to your yarn hook and yarn over. Yarning over is an important step for all crocheting. You simply take the end attached to your hook and wrap it around your hook once.
    chain later chain again
  3. Use your hook to catch the new loop you’ve made, and pull through the last loop on the hook. Tighten it around your hook.
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 to create a chain to your desired width.

Tada! Now you can start almost any crochet project! Stay tuned for the next installment where we teach you how to stitch!


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