Project Tiny Toppers: Update!


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of heading out to UC Health West Chester Hospital with Trisha and Emma. We were going to deliver the baby hats that the club made over the summer, and I am so pleased that I managed to make time in my schedule to go!

baby hats at UC
We had our interview in front of their festive Christmas tree, with a huge pile of baby hats in front of us!

The staff at the hospital were all so lovely. We were greeted in the lobby by them, and they set up a little interview. We had a chance to promote the club to the hospital, and they got all of our interview on video. It should be posted on the UC West Chester Hospital Facebook Page in the near future, so keep an eye out!

One of the best parts of the day was that we got to visit one of the mothers that had just given birth that day. We met her baby boy, and we got to give him his baby hat! He was the cutest thing, and slept straight through our whole visit.

baby hats
His hat was made by In the Loop member Kyra!

It was extremely gratifying to see the impact that our project had first hand, and to be able to see just how appreciative the families are for these donations.

UC Health West Chester Hospital has their own knitting and crochet club, as well! They are teaching their volunteers how to make hats, so that their brand new maternity ward will have no shortage of baby beanies! We just missed their club’s meeting, but are looking forward to more interaction and collaboration with the hospital.

We have plans to visit again early during the New Year, for a full tour with more of the club!

— Lydia


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