Who are We?

We are Xavier University’s In the Loop Club! We are students with an interest in fiber arts and yarn crafts. We strive to use our skills to build and connect with larger communities.

Mission Statement

The mission of In the Loop is to bring members together through fiber art and yarn craft. Through knitting, crocheting, weaving, spinning, cross-stitching, and the like, we strive to promote and improve on our craft together. We seek to enrich the Xavier and Cincinnati communities enthusiastically and skillfully through education of craft and collection of project donations. We are focused on creating group-wide projects to donate to local causes and charities. We also strive to teach fellow club members and any individual who demonstrates an interest in learning fiber art and yarn crafts. Through participating in traditionally social events, we will promote inclusivity and connection between fiber artists of all skill levels and varieties.

Why are we named In the Loop?

  1. For starters, it’s a yarn pun. And yarn puns are awesome.
  2. One of our primary goals is to give our projects to the community. It is crucial for us to be informed and aware of others’ needs so that we may create a bridge between the Xavier community and the Cincinnati community. We like to stay, in the loop, if you will.

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